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Blooming Park


I love so many things about Esther’s Daughters! Being a part of this small ministry feels way more than just a friendship, I feel like I am part of a sisterhood. We engage in life together through teaching, fellowship, communion, prayer, and worship.  The time we spend together celebrating Jesus is so refreshing.  I learned that we need others to help us live lives worthy of God’s calling.  I trust that Esther’s daughter is helping me live out my purpose individually and as a group and sharing a common foundation of faith and God makes it so much easier to connect.


- Jahaira

I joined ED when I felt like I needed additional support in my walk with Christ during a tough time and to connect with young women my age and ED provided that and more. I’ve developed some amazing friendships in the process. I also appreciate that these young women encourage me daily and hold me accountable when needed. 

- Danielle

 Esther's Daughters has helped me become a confident, focused and empowered woman of GOD. It has had a positive and direct impact on my identity in GOD for such a time as this. Helping me learn and live out my purpose.

I've learned the importance of a positive Christian Community to equip you with resources and tools to be who GOD created you to be.

- Deborah

It is a community I have been longing for my whole life and have not known it until now. A place where I feel accepted, loved and valued for who I truly am. The women I have met through ED are truly amazing all around.


- Bianca

When I first joined Esther's Daughters I was lonely, discouraged and ready to give up. Now I know I have a handful of women I can reach out to at any time for prayer or advice. I know that I can be vulnerable and honest without receiving judgement in return.


The women of this ministry have helped transform my walk with God by providing access to Tribes that help with learning God's Word and encouraging faithful prayer in all seasons of life.

- Carley

My life has changed since joining Esther's Daughters because I have a group of women who keep me accountable in my walk with the Lord. I also get to share what I am learning in my current season.

I am able to share my testimony and struggles and how the Lord is using them for my good. 

I have learned how to encourage other women and how my struggles can be used to inspire other women.


The women I have met are absolutely incredible. They're fun, down to earth, judgment free, and love God! Finding a group of women like that is so rare. Somehow I found it and I can't imagine my life without it.

As a very shy introvert, it was a challenge for me to attend a group, event, and outing; yet I still felt welcomed. Allow yourself to grow in ways you never imagined. I took that step and I am honored to be in a group like no other.

- Josette

Esther's Daughters has made a huge impact on who I am from when I joined back in 2018. The support of my amazing sisters in Christ has helped me to be more confident and assertive. They have given me so much support in my struggles and difficulties and have prayed for me whenever I needed! I have made forever friends and the encouragement and accountability is unreal. 

The most positive impact that has been a result of being part of Esther's Daughters is the peace and hope they have helped provide not only me, but my daughter's as well. 

I've learned that we are never alone, and that no matter what we face God will always have us and so will my sisters.

- Amanda

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